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What languages do you offer?

English, Mandarin

Will you work with any industry?

We only work on ethical and genuine businesses. If you are unsure message me for verifications.

Which channel works the best?

It depends on the situation, industry, and seasonality. In most situations, Google Ads is the most effective channel because of its target with explicit search intend keywords, and Google has the highest online user coverage.

There is also a certain situation that business works better on other channels. Each channel has its own unique customer journey. Therefore Mapilogy Ongoing Solutions can help to address constant changes in the consumer landscape.

How we work?

A detailed elaboration is at our Approach page. 

Do I need to Create A Google Ads Account, If I have none?

No stress, we can help you to create a Google Ads Account and you will have to enter your billing details with your choice of payment method (credit card/debit card/paypal).

Plant A Tree When Growing Your Business

Every 1% of sales we make goes to planting one tree in Australia with our partner, Reforest Now.

Tree(s) Planted

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