Our Impact

1% of our sales goes to the reforestation cause because we believe now more than ever, sustainable businesses like yours are needed for a better tomorrow.

At Mapilogy, we want the right brands to grow while being environmentally responsible. We play our part as human beings in reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we support reforestation to give back to the planet. 💚

Digital Marketing Service & Plant A Tree

Environmentally Responsible

We want the right brands to grow. Our society and well-being rely so much on what businesses can offer to make our life easier. However, very often, the right products struggle to cut through the noise and gain prominence. We wish to lend a hand to wholesome businesses like yours.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our Earth’s health is at stake; climate change is part of the cost of us not acting and partaking in the effort of reducing our carbon footprint.

Mapilogy - Inside Reforestation Nursery
Sustainable Digital Marketing Services - Plant A Tree


Reforestation can help to support biodiversity and endangered Species, enhance ecosystem health, and address climate change through CO2 sequestation.